Everyone Is Talking About The ‘Rules’ This Mother Just Wrote. Because They’re Perfection.

A mother by the name of Sarah recently wrote a blog post that’s making its way around the Internet lately. She titled it ’28 Rules For Fathers Of Sons’…and that’s exactly what it is. I thought this advice was pretty much perfect and definitely worth sharing. Check out her blog post below. 1.

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Moms Heart Sinks When 3-Yr-Old Blurts Out I Dont Have a Dad!Then the Truth Hits Her

‘I heard the teacher ask a little girl what her dad’s name was a couple times. That’s when I got nervous to hear what Brinley would say. I listened closely…’ Our life doesn’t always pan out exactly how we planned. In fact,every time I think I’ve got all my ducks in a row, God seems to decide

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Dads Heartbreaking Photo Goes Viral After Son Writes These 2 Words on School Project

After seeing his sons heartbreaking response on a school project, Bob Cornelius shared an important plea for all parents that went viral. You may remember a while back, a Florida State football player saw an autistic boy sitting alone at the lunch table. He sat with him, someone snapped a

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