Want FREE Food? Vote and These Places Will Hook You Up!

Regardless of who you vote for, the election has been stressful, and there’s nothing more American than dealing with stress by eating. Lucky for all the voters, a number of chain restaurants are willing to help us eat our emotions byoffering election day deals so youcan stuff your faces to

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Winter Wonderland CHRISTMAS Light Show Family Fun|Bcutecupcakes Life

Christmas light show, rides, and family fun at winter wonderland I had so much fun, happy holidays everyone thank you so much for watching we are behind in the vlogs hopefully well catch up soon 🙂 PLEASE LIKE + SHARE + SUBSCRIBE MORE AWESOME FAMILY VLOGS: CHRISTMAS TREATS COZY BEADS TSUM TSUM

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We Asked 22 Strangers How Far They Think They Can Throw Ellen Page

Via TIME ‘How far could you throw Ellen Page?’ It’s a simple question, but when we put it to these 22 complete strangers on the street, the answers they gave will stun and inspire you. Meghan Culbert, 44 – “Five feet.” Kayla Sarret, 21 – “Three feet, maybe a little more.” Jon Massine, 39 –

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