instaBuy Gives the Traveling Shopper Some Peace of Mind

We all lead busy and crazy lives. Whether we’re stuck in traffic on the way to work or stuck in an endless board meeting, there never seems to be enough time in the day – when can you check shopping off your to-do list? On top of a busy schedule, the option of shopping from your mobile device

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Christmas Craft Ideas: Make a Snowman Family

Add a little holiday cheer to your end tables with these adorable snowman crafts! Simple craft supplies you most likely already have on hand along with a few dots of hot glue will help you to create this easy Christmas craft: a whole family of snowmen. Place your cute snowmen holiday crafts

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Mum Claims Daughter Died After Suffering ‘Allergic Reaction To WiFi’

The parents of a girl who died after complaining of an ‘allergic reaction’ to WiFi are setting up a campaign to ‘highlight the dangers’ of wireless internet connections. Jenny Fry, 15, suffered headaches, bladder problems and extreme tiredness that her mum says was brought on by a condition

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