Steve Wynn on family, his driving ambition, and being “friends” Clinton and Trump

(CNN)Steve Wynn is in the uncomfortable position of considering as friends both the Clintons and Donald Trump.

So it’s understandable that the casino king won’t reveal which candidate he’s backing for US president.

    Instead, the 74-year-old expresses a diplomatic blanket disappointment with the tone and content of America’s current political debate.
    “I’m one of those Americans – frustrated, anxious and unsatisfied,” he tells Talk Asia, from his luxurious new $4.2 billion Macau resort, Wynn Palace, his most expensive venture yet.
    “And I haven’t decided who to vote for because I’m waiting for someone to have a responsible conversation and address the issues that affect the American people.”


    Wynn says he turned the bottle around to look at the back and discovered his signature “Wynn” on the bottle.
    “Forget the hotels and the jets and the wealth and the good luck and the children, and the grandchildren, what would happen if my father could see a Coke bottle with the name he invented on it?” he says.
    “That’s a moment in life where you just pause, right?”
    A rare pause, perhaps, for a businessman who clearly has plenty of passion and drive left to give.

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