Husband and Pregnant Wife Go Missing. What Police Know About Their Past Has Them on High Alert

This Aunt has an 18-year-old pregnant niece named Ariel Ann Jackson and she is seeking anyones help in locating her. Last seen at her moms house in Oxford, Mississippi, shes been missing since Wednesday, March 16th or this year, 2016, as is her boyfriend, Tyler Lamb.

An important note about Tyler: This guy had physically assaulted her over the weekend, before Ariel went missing only days later. The mom had left for a moment, and upon return Ariel was gone. Tyler apparently wasnt there with her at the home during the disappearance, but family and friends strongly believe he did indeed take her.

They believe he took off to avoid the warrant he has for domestic abuse charges.

Heres what the Aunt, Andy-Miranda Jackson, posted on social media regarding her missing niece:

Im asking everyone for help!! My niece Ariel Ann Jackson has went missing. We believe she has been taking by her boyfriend Tyler Lamb. Tyler beat her up over the weekend and she was discovered missing from her mothers home this morning. Please pray and share!!!!

Heres a photo of her niece and Tyler that may help someone out there recognize the couple and call authorities.

Tyler has family in Florida and this could be a possible destination for him to flee to.

For now this is being called a welfare concern by police and they are asking anyone with information to contact the Lafayette County Sheriffs Department at (662) 234-6421.


Lets all hope for a positive and safe outcome here.

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