Mom Lines Up 9 Frozen Pastries To Create The Perfect Family Dessert

Just about everyone loves a good old fashioned chocolate treat. But what’s even better than buying a candy bar at the local Food Lion? Making something all by yourself of course!

The best thing about this adorable recipe is that it’s incredibly easy to do! While it looks like an impressive and difficult design, by the end of this you’ll be amazed at how delicious it is and how quick it took to make. But don’t let your guests know that!

The prep time and cook time combined is less than 20 minutes, so even though these twists look incredible, you can make a whole batch of them for whatever occasion in a snap!

All you’ll be needing is:

  • 2 sheets of frozen puff pastries (make sure to thaw them out beforehand)
  • 3 nice a tasty tbsp of delicious Nutella
  • A healthy handful of chocolate chips
  • 1 beaten egg

You also might want to get another handful of chocolate chips to munch on while cooking!

All you need to do is lie one of the sheets of pastry down and spread the Nutella all over. Then you’ll want to drop all of the chocolate chips before lying the second pastry on top of it all.

You’ll want to then slice thin even strips of the dough. Nine seems to be the magic number, but whatever works for you no worries!

Twist the strips several times, before brushing with the beaten egg.

Finish it off by baking for 10 minutes in a 400F preheated oven. You can also eat a spoonful of Nutella while you wait.

After that, these beautiful creations are ready to eat. Let everyone think you worked for hours in the kitchen for this amazing recipe!

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