63 Scared Family Horses Beg For Help, But 1 Human Refuses To Give Up Hope

When a horse owner became overwhelmed with their 63 horses, it quickly became clear that the whole family needed help as soon as possible.

The living conditions for these beautiful animals were horrible, they were all severely underweight, suffered from live, overgrown feet, and were fearful of humans.

Thankfully, the amazing people at World Horse Welfare took in these precious animals and are doing everything in their power to make sure they get the chance to thrive and find new homes where they can get the attention they deserve!

These amazing creatures are known for their emotional personalities. If they witness a friend or family member getting hurt or in any distress, they willreact in fear and even anger.

These animals are amazingly intelligent, so to hear about such a large group of them suffering such horrible conditions is truly heartbreaking to hear for any animal lover.

While it’s heartbreaking that they’ve had to suffer through such pain these past years, it’s amazing to hear that they’re being taken care of now. Thanks to the hard work of World Horse Welfare, these creatures are all finding homes and being fully rehabilitated. These animals are so intelligent, so it’s truly a wonder to see just how happy they are these days!

Remember, if you see an animal in need of help, don’t hesitate to do the right thing!

Originally found athttp://littlethings.com/

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