The Internet Is Concerned Rob Kardashian Is Being Exploited By His Family

Rob Kardashian has said again and again hes not comfortable in the public eye.

So naturally, his family and fiancedid what anyone would do for insecure loved ones: forcedhim to star in a reality TV show!

While its not surprising the Kardashians would do anything for a few more years of fame,that doesnt make watching the slow torture of Rob & Chyna any less painful.

This week Rob is being forced to try on jeans that dont fiton national television because apparently thats the best way to get rid of body issues.

Its funny (and by funny, I mean disgusting) Scott Disick and the stylist in this video act like Rob is being the most unreasonable person ever, when Rob has been saying for a long timehe doesnt feel comfortable with his weight.

Look, weve all had times weve felt insecure about our bodies.

Remember that feeling, multiply it by 100 and then imaginesomeone wanted you to dress in fancy clothes and have a thousand people take your picture.

Now imagine that someone was your own family.

What happened to family first, Kardashians?

Maybe you guys should amend thatto family first, as along as family first aligns with promoting the Kardashians and getting more E! ratings.

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