Nurse Rubs A Newborn Babys Feet With A Baseball To Create A Perfect Family Keepsake

Each family has their own special way to celebrate the coming of a brand new baby into their world.

The usual tradition of welcoming a newborn into the world is for the nurses to take handprints and footprints and put them on a piece of paper along with the birth certificate. And while that was probably done for the baby in the video below, it seems like this little boy’s parents had something extra in mind for him!

It seems that this kid’s dad wants him to be a future baseball star, because from the moment he was a tiny baby one of the first things this kid has ever touched was a baseball!

The nurse softly printed the kid’s feet on a brand new baseball, and it soon becomes clear that this simple ball, while not signed by a professional superstar, will easily be one of this family’s most prized possessions of all time!

This is one of those ideas that seems so brilliant in its simplicity that just about everyone is saying how they wished they thought of it first for their newborn! But don’t worry, if your kid is a toddler you can use a softball, or if they’re an adult you should ask them to come over and bring a basketball and some black ink!

No matter what, we’re so happy that this family’s baby came out happy and healthy. While he might not grow up to be in the major leagues, wedoknow that he’s going to get a lot of love!

Warning: The below video shows a newborn baby nude. Might be offensive to some viewers.

Video Credit: PuraKura

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