15 Very Unique Ryan Gosling Items You Can Buy On Etsy

1. Nail Art Decals, $5

From: NailSpin

This might be the perfect gift for the nail biter in your life who just LOVES Ryan. Might lead them to ponder whether or not to bite Ryan

2. Painted Goblet, $18

From: Painted Glass Etc

Ryan, like a fine wine, has gotten better with age. Toast to that with a wine glass bearing his likeness – or the likeness of Owen Wilson (?).

3. Set of 4 Wooden Cocktail Coasters, $24.50

From: Spooky Shades

Ever dreamed of Ryan holding your drink at a club, while you throwdown with some skank who was all up in his face? Yes. Well, then this is the next best thing.

4. Gosling + Buscemi = Culkin T-Shirt, $20

From: Pallet Studio

Really who doesn’t love a good meme. Well now you can wear one as a tee.

5. Large Mix-Match Glittery “Hey Girl” Patch, $26

From: The Tulle Underground

Show off your inner hipster with this patch that says, “Yeah, I know this looks nothing like Ryan, but I’m too cool to care.”

Also makes a perfect cozy for your Pabst Blue Ribbon.

6. Art Reproduction, $15

From: This Makeshift Home

How do you improve on Ryan? I guess adding antlers?

7. The Baby Goose in Blue Valentine, $65

From: Joe Dero

No this isn’t Robert Downey, Jr. with dreads, it’s Ryan, as Dean from Blue Valentine. A nice way to commemorate one of his darker roles.

8. Life Sized Body Pillow, $71

From: Violent Delights Brand

Wrap yourself around Ryan every night.

FYI: Jar of Nutella on the nightstand is sold separately.

9. Now You Can Be Mrs Gosling T-Shirt, $15

From: Maxwell Danger LLC

Creep out your family and friends with the snazzy T-Shirt. But don’t tell them about your Ryan body pillow.

10. IPhone Case, $14

From: Amelinda Shop

Do you love Ryan but HATE his body? Well then this iPhone case is for you. Ryan’s head has been beautifully photoshopped onto the body of some basic model who will never live up to the GOS-GOD.

11. Prayer Candle, $10

From: Ginseng and Honey

No alter to the “Golden Boy of the Great White North” is complete without a prayer candle.

It also goes great with photos of Ryan with his eyes cut out.

12. Pendant Necklace, $10

From: Sbo Schetto

Tried of seeing the same Ryan in glasses and “hey girl” pics? Then up your game with this pendant of Ryan splattered in blood.

13. Ryan Gosling As a Slice of Pepperoni Pizza Print, $30

From: Sleepy Bowie

Two of the greatest things on earth combined into one fabulous painting. Snatch this up before the Louvre does.

14. Crotchless Panties, $42

From: Bullets and Bees

Both classy and practical.

15. Ryan Gosling’s Soul, $13

From: Souls R Us

Um, here’s the seller description:

“Is your mantle bare? Perhaps you’re looking for a one of a kind gift for a loved one? Do you just feel the need to own the soul of Ryan Gosling?

No matter your reasoning, I don’t judge. My hobby is reaping souls, and I do it very well. I place each one in a stylish mason jar to keep it fresh and out of trouble. Fear not, this jar does not pose a threat to you or your loved ones… as long as it stays closed.”

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/15-very-unique-ryan-gosling-items-you-can-buy-on-etsy

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