Police Deputy Raises Money To Reunite Homeless Man With His Family After Eating Wendys Together

These days you’ll turn on the news and it honestly seems like there’s nothing but bad things going on in the world at any given moment. That’s because good news rarely ever sells!

But thankfully, for all the bad news out there in the world, it’s healthy to know that there will always be more good news going on, you just never hear about it much because happy news doesn’t make the media companies any money!

57-year-old Dan Williams has been down on his luck lately. The homeless man was killing time outside of a local Wendy’s fast food restaurant when he suddenly saw a cop coming his way.

Instead of their meet up ending up in an arrest or something that the news stations would justloveto share, this homeless man and Sgt. McCoy got a quick lunch together. The officer asked what was going on in Dan’s life, and he found out that this homeless man was trying to trek down from Ohio to Louisiana to be with his family again.

That’s when Sgt. McCoy gathered some of his other cop friends and they all reached into their own wallets for an amazing gift.

Scroll down to read the rest of this heartwarming story if you know that good news will always outweigh the bad!


The DeSota County Sheriff’s Department has their ranks filled with able-bodied and intelligent police officers who aren’t afraid to put their lives on the line if it means protecting their community.


But when they aren’t busy chasing the bad guys down, you can find them patrolling the hearts and minds of citizens of all ages.


Along with their talented K9 units, these brave cops know exactly what it means to protect and serve their neighborhoods.


Even though it’s been a rough year for cops all around the country, these men and women will do whatever it takes to make their streets safer.


They also participate in countless community outreach programs, from birthday parties to special events warning of the dangers of texting while driving!


So when Sgt.David McCoy saw Dan Williams sitting on a curb near the local Wendy’s. He had no idea that he was moments away from becoming a viral superstar for all the right reasons.

He bough Dan a lunch, and found out that the homeless man was trying to get back home. That’s when something amazing happened. Keeping up with the tradition of protecting and serving the public, Sgy. McCoy and his fellow cops chipped in to get Dan a very special gift.

Watch the video below to see the rest of this heartwarming story, and please SHARE this story with your friends if you know that cops are the good guys!

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