Im Not Leaving You, Mama! This Is What Love Looks Like.

Here we have a heartwarming story regarding a mommy koala and her baby koala. They survived an accident and its the power of love that saved them! They were sadly hit by a car, but mommy Lizzie had her 5-month-old son named Phantom wrapped so tightly upon impact that the baby was spared from any wounds. Lizzie took the impact and suffered the most.

They were rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and shuttled into emergency. Lizzies lung had collapsed, and facial trauma set in, which required surgery right away. Phantom, was still clinging to mom! Doctors didnt have time to intervene and decided to just let the situation be. So Lizzie went into surgery, with Phantom still clinging to her.

Doctors also felt this could help the outcome of the situation. If separated, dangerous stress could set in.

Check out the two of them!

The love between mother and child helped to bring about a positive outcome! Share this wonderful love with friends and family!

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