This Town Did Something Amazing When Doctors Said This Little Boy Wouldnt Live to See Christmas

The doctors said he wouldn’t make until December, so 7,000 people joined to celebrate Christmas in October for this terminally ill little boy.

The whole town of St. George, Ontario has rallied together tobring Christmas in Octoberthis year to a terminally ill little boy.

7-year old Evan Leversage has been battling brain cancer for the last 5 years, and recently his mom Nicolereceived the dreaded recommendation from his doctor that they should probably celebrate Christmas early.

He doesn’t think Evan will make it to December.

After several rounds of chemo and radiation, doctors have told the family there’s nothing more they can do.

Ive already seen what cancers done to Evan, and I wasnt going to wait around and see if it was going to steal a Christmas from him, said Nicole.

She was just going to have a small family gathering to bring the holidays home to her son, but a couple of Evan’s cousins thought that wasn’t good enough. They started making signs around town and created a Facebook page to get other people in the Christmas spirit too.

And the Christmas cheer spread like wildfire. Months before Christmas, hundreds of homes started putting up their Christmas lights. Within days, the whole town was filled with santas, sleighs, reindeers, and Christmas trees galore.

“You look out our front window, the entire street is lit up,” said Nicole. “Everywhere you look it’s Christmas.It’s more than I could have imagined.

“When Evan looks out his window, the backyard is decorated and there’s a sign saying ‘Merry Christmas.’”

Carolers touredthe streets, the Grinch came out to visit, and they even organized a Christmas parade with a fake snow machine and guests from “Whoville.”

An estimated 7,000 people came together to celebrate with Evan.

Evan got to proudly ride in the sleigh with Santa and open lots of presents around the tree.

“A true Christmas miracle would be that Evan does get two Christmases,” said his mom.

But either way, October 24th, 2015 will forever mark the day that St. George broughtthe Merriest Christmas to this town’s most treasured little boy.

And one woman’s heartfelt post to Evan’s Facebook page sums up the amazing Christmas displayin a way that strikes a chord much deeper than just helping one family.According to Ashley Agar, it has been healing for the whole town and has given a voice to other families whose children’s lives have been taken too soon:

“The boys are tucked into bed, Evan needed a power nap before even getting there. He truly believes today was Christmas, which is exactly whatNicole Wellwood wanted to give him. He’s in awe. In the 5 years that Evan has been battling cancer, I have never once heard Nicole say anything negative about the card they were given in life. I have only ever heard her ask for help to raise awareness for Childhood cancer, and help give these small fighters a voice.

Because St.George got behind a simple request to hang a few lights, Evans Christmas evolved into something we could not have imagined could be possible. The reality of families that watch their kids struggle, or worse, have to say goodbye to their children too soon, was given voice today.This parade was for Evan, but it’s not only about him. It’s about the thousands of children that leave those families before Christmas each year. It is about bringing the world together to love and support one another, even if it’s with a simple smile.

We are grateful for everyone, near and far. You have all helped create a tidal wave of love, that will never be forgotten.

Merry Christmas. Xoxo”

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