Mom Dies The Same Day The Family Dog Jumps Out The Window. 6 Days Later, A Miracle Reunites Them

No matter what your age, losing a parent is one of the hardest things that any of us will ever have to go through.

But for California man Joey Beltran, it almost seemed as if the fates were doing their very best to make his life as heartbreaking as possible.

Beltran’s mom had been fighting a losing battle to bone cancer when he finally got the call he had been dreading for so long. She was in real bad shape and probably wouldn’t make it through the night. With a baby on the way, Beltran was heartbroken, but he got into his car along with his dog Nala and started to make his way to the hospital.

That’s when things went from bad to worse.

Beltran’s car nicked the curb on the interstate, and the next thing he knew,his car was flipping end over end and he ended upside down. As people rushed to his aid, he realized Nala was missing. He looked through the broken glass and saw her running away from fear, straight into the unforgiving desert.

Beltran’s mother passed away, and Nala was gone forever. As the son grieved for both losses, volunteer search groups began to look for the missing dog. Something, anything needed to be given to this poor man whose luck seemed so down.

Six days after being lost without a word of hope, Beltran got a phone call from the local vet thatchanged everything. While his mother might not be with us anymore, at the very least he has Nala, a very important part of the family and a friend to help this poor man grieve.

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